This week’s trials and tribulations:

gray_h_arrowChanged our window display. There was a hideous spider of the clear variety nestled on top of our pink peony organic blanket, surrounded by either its own droppings or those of its victims. Won’t be wrapping that blanket around a sweet baby girl any time soon!

gray_h_arrowSent fabric to our sewing shop to be made into the first samples of two new dresses for spring.

gray_h_arrowFound out our patternmaker suddenly took a job at another company! Luckily she will continue to work with us. Would not be fun to have to find a new patternmaker.

gray_h_arrowIn the craziness of our patternmaker leaving, the patterns for the two new dresses, along with my original sewn samples, were sent to our sewing shop’s old address (they moved in August). Although someone at the old building signed for them, nobody there seems to know anything about them. Sigh. Luckily I took photos of the dress samples before I sent them. The sewing team will have to work from the pattern & photos this time, instead of from an actual sewn sample dress.

gray_h_arrowSent out a wholesale order to a store in Okinawa, Japan! Jumping on the Bed Kids, a family-run store owned by U.S. military personnel, will soon carry Adooka. Our first presence in Asia.

gray_h_arrowSent out a reorder to KD’s Treehouse in Columbia, SC, because another line she carries is unable to ship any of their fall orders. I feel for both the other line (manufacturing delays are so stressful), and for my store. Glad she called me back to order more.

gray_h_arrowGot an email from my web hosting company that they’ve upgraded my site to php 5.4. I thought, “Ok, let’s check and make sure nothing broke,” went to my site, only to find it completely blank. After a call in to Bluehost, they admitted the timing (the week before the busiest shopping time of the year) is bad, and agreed to delay the upgrade until I can REDO MY SITE so the programming is compatible. Agh! This gives me a lot of food for thought — if I have to make changes, I might as well consider major changes, possibly switching over to something that can sync inventory for online orders with store sales. I love this stuff, when I have time to do it.

gray_h_arrowOrdered the sign for our store window. Exciting!

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