In 2013, one of the worst manufacturing disasters occurred when 1134 people were killed and 2500 people were pulled from the rubble in the Rana Plaza Building in Bangladesh where over 5000 people worked. Shortly thereafter, Fashion Revolution — a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing transparency in the fashion industry — was formed. This year they are encouraging us all to ask brands “Who made my clothes?” Our answer for Adooka is: “An American worker.” You can see our process here.

Adooka was founded to create a quality children’s line ecologically and ethically produced and to bring jobs back to the United States. After reading multiple articles on small children and adults picking cotton crops under toxic conditions or toiling in horrific and anonymous conditions to create garments, Anne wanted to know that she could offer an alternative to an increasingly questioning consumer.

We are still working to improve the standards of the workers involved in the fashion industry from the production and growth of the base fibers to completed garment. Respect for the farmers, fabric manufacturers, and skilled tradespeople who clothe you is not simply a matter of conscience. As Fashion Week draws to a close once again, this year do your part: be informed, buy smart and protect the health and lives of others who labor in hope. #imadeyourclothes

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