Hi, there. We’re Anne and Shannon. We design and own children’s clothing brand Adooka Organics and boutique Two Crows for Joy. Here we blog about our journey in small business and manufacturing. We’re also moms and friends who work together across time zones to support and manufacture products Made in the USA. We are strong believers in the “it takes a village” idea, and want this blog to be a community where we can share ways to support each other and improve the world for our children.

We love to “crow” about great ideas, amazing people, opportunities, and products. While we especially love American made products, we know there are companies out there who are supporting women and workers around the globe through fair trade and fair labor, and we think that’s great too. Let us know if there’s something we should know about!

Sometimes we write in support of our competitors, which might seem strange at first and even fishy. We believe the more successful companies there are making things here in the U.S., the more suppliers and manufacturing infrastructure there will be, which is good for all of us.

We believe in blogging with integrity. See our FAQ for more information or to suggest a product for review. You may contact us here.

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