In our house, Earth Day is a holiday that holds more significance than Thanksgiving. We plan positive activities that allow us to promote the health and beauty of the world that sustains us and we celebrate this with friends and family. Of course it would be healthier for everyone to do everything possible to preserve our Earth for generations to come on a daily basis, but we view this time each year as a focused “meditation” and try to increase environmental awareness and give a little more of our energy back to nature.

See our Earth Day kids activities

Kick off the celebration:

Check out our Earth Day Bookshelf. Pick some books you’d like to read throughout the month- check them out from your local library or give your kids the wonderful gift of a stack of new earth books for their own bookshelf (visit your local second hand book store!).

Talk about how Earth Day is April 22 and do a calendar count down. Ask your kids (partner/best friend/boss) how they think they can help and have them create a list of their ideas.

Print out 100 Acts of Care for the Earth and get your kids started doing and keeping track of the progress they make on their 100 acts! Brainstorm other activities your family could add to the list.

Get the conversation started:

Is there something on the earth you want to learn more about this month? Something in nature? An animal? A part of the ocean? Weather? Take time to learn about something new.

Do you live near nature? Where are your favorite places to go? Which ones should you choose this month? If you live in a city, can you plan an outing to somewhere where you can be surrounded by nature or look for the small ecosystems within your urban environment?

Is there an environmental or animal-related cause your family would like to donate to or volunteer to help this month?

Inspire those around you! Talk about how this month you can:

Read books about different earth-related things: where our trash goes, what trees do, famous ocean explorers, ways people create their own energy, how bees help us, different ways seeds spread themselves, and how people help protect our planet.

Look for ways to conserve energy at home.

Plant things!

Help clean up the earth.

Enjoy the fruits and foods of the earth and seek out restaurants and grocers who focus on local and organic produce.

Learn about other parts of the world.

Find ways to support our environment and its inhabitants (people & animals) who need our aid.

Celebrate with friends and family — Have an Earth Day party!

What activities does your family plan to do for Earth Day? Any favorites we should add to our list?


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